GHS Ushers Next Generation Medical Waste System in U.S.

GHS Collaborates with FRENCH Manufacturer – ECODAS!

THG's Green Healthcare Solutions (GHS) has announced a partnership with ECODAS, a French manufacturing company that produces innovative waste management solutions for the healthcare industry. The product line-up breaks down medical waste in a process that uses pressure, heat and steam to neutralize infectious material and render the components unrecognizable. The process not only reduces medical waste volume by up to 80%, but the completely closed systems make them a safe solution with minimal environmental impact.

"The partnership is a match of very like-minded companies. We believe that sustainability and responsibility are synonymous terms that refer to a company's commitments to not only its customers but also the community. We are excited to usher this innovation." 

ECODAS has adopted sustainable development strategies that include using recyclable components from the world’s leading manufacturers to create their robust stainless steel systems- which are engineered for long-term use.