The Hali Group, LLC is a global oncology healthcare consulting firm.

We support mid to large sized, U.S. based healthcare systems and Multi-National Healthcare Organizations seeking customized, modern, cancer care solutions to address the unmet medical needs of large, distinctive patient populations.


THG believes that an organization harbors a distinct capability, culture and commitment. Based on these corporate identity resources, THG notices an organization’s capacity for meeting a current or future unmet medical need and identifies a sustainable competitive advantage for the corporation.


Customized Vertically Integrated Solutions

Let us customize our VIM solutions to help your organization develop operations that actually deliver personalized healthcare for patients as you build genuine sustainability for your products and / or services.

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Modern Cancer Care, LLC

Modern Care International, Inc.

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ECODAS - Increase retained earnings, improve efficiencies and reduce risk by installing next generation innovation in medical waste management.

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